4th International ACINNET Congress: IEES - Internationalization, Entrepreneurship, Employability and sustainability
The International ACINNET Congress was one of the first major initiatives organized by the ACADEMIC INTERNATIONAL NETWORK (ACINNET), founded in 2014, in which the Polytechnic of Porto is a founding member.

ACINNET is an academic and scientific cooperation network that aims to strengthen bilateral relations between institutions of higher education in South America / Latin America and Europe. Currently, ACINNET counts with fourteen members and in addition to exchanges, co-events and webinars it promotes online courses and other activities among members, on a regular basis.

The organization of an International ACINNET congress aims to gather all members together in an annual event, hold the General Assembly, discuss the Activity Plan, publicize the network, increase participation and, above all, promote knowledge transfer and sharing between members and researchers, teachers and students from the network and beyond.

The Polytechnic of Porto is honoured to host the 4th edition of this event, held in Portugal for the first time, focusing, since the first edition, on internationalization and entrepreneurship, and having a broad multidisciplinary approach, thus allowing a delivery of perspectives from different knowledge fields.

In this edition, and for the first time, the International ACINNET Congress runs in parallel to the 1st ACINNET Business Congress, which brings together several entrepreneurs and businessmen from the network. The opening Session and the Closing Session will be organized together, to allow a dynamic dialogue and he creation of synergies between the business and the academic networks.

The 4th ACINNET Congress is hosted by Polytechnic of Porto, in several Schools of Campus 1.

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